"Healthy Information for a Healthy Mind" Online Game

Period: 16 Oct – 1 Dec 2023

In order to help participants better understand the classification system of the Control of Obscene and Indecent Articles Ordinance, we have designed the "Healthy Information for a Healthy Mind" Online Game to test the participants' knowledge and understanding of the classification of articles. Participants can start the game upon completion of the online participation form. Each person is allowed to participate once only; otherwise, they may be disqualified. Prizes will be awarded to the participants who have passed the prescribed scores. Participants who get all answers correct will have a chance to win cash coupons worth HKD 200 (25 prizes).

Enter The Game (Chinese Version Only)

  1. Staff and family members of the Organizers, Co-organizers and the contractors are not allowed to participate in the "2023 Meritorious Websites Contest" and "2023 Healthy Mobile Phone/Tablet Apps Contest".
  2. Participants have to provide true and complete personal particulars or they may be disqualified from the contest.
  3. Organizer reserves the right to amend the programme rules and selection criteria (except the lucky draw), provided that all decisions are made in conformity with the spirit and purpose of the contest. Organizers have the absolute discretion to make final decision.
  4. Each participant can win one prize only.
  5. Organizers will notify winners based on the registered email or phone number provided by the participants. Those who have not received any notification will be deemed as unsuccessful. If winners cannot be reached due to incorrect information, network, telephone or technical issue which is not attributed to the default of the Organizers, the Organizers shall not have any legal liability and be responsible for this missed opportunity and the winners’ prizes will be forfeited. No postal delivery of the prizes to the winners will be arranged.
  6. Winners must collect their prizes in person by displaying the notification letter and identification document (HKID Card) within the specified period. Winners may authorize others to collect the prizes on their behalf. Late collection will be regarded as null and void.
  7. The authorized person must bring along the authorisation letter signed by the winner, notification letter, any identification document or a HKID Card copy of the winner for prize collection. Lucky draw results will be published in Ming Pao Daily News and The Standard on 5 January 2024.

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